Water Heater Repair

    Is your hot water heater leaking, or are you frequently running out of hot water? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you probably need to get your hot water heater repair Bellevue or even updating, or maybe get a new part installed, whatever be the case give Eastside Plumbing Services a call. Our team is expert and working on several cities. You can simply search on our website for service like water heater repair Eastside or Seattle, and you will get all the details about how to repair or the contact details of our technician who stays near your location.

    We have been in the business of plumbing for many years now and we are pretty well known to be reliable, professional and courteous. Our team of experienced plumbers is trained to fix a range of problems, one of which is water heater repairing. Not only are our plumbers trained in different brand installations but water heater repair Eastside and get it running like new again.


    In case of an emergency also you could call us and our mobile team would reach your premises as soon as possible to attend to your call. Many a times, water heaters start with a slow leak at the base or around a corroded fitting, that is when you really need to get it checked. Unless it’s a sudden bad case, most of the times the fittings can usually be replaced. But you must be careful, because once the unit starts to leak, it cannot be repaired.

    It is advisable that the moment you notice a leak, you should turn off the water and shut off valve on to avoid any problems from occurring. In case there is no shut off valve in your water heater, it is better to shut off the water flow to your house. This will help stall things till you give us a call and we can take over things so as to be able to repair your water heater. Turning off the water can help avoid damage, though it is better that you give your professional plumbers an immediate call.

    When Would A Water Heater Need Repair?

    It is very common for water heaters to have sediment buildups, either if the water has a high amount of minerals or the heater get older. With continuous use, lime scale and other minerals, like calcium and magnesium, form a layer along the sides of the heater tank. Soon this forms a sediment barrier that settles on the burner, affecting your heater’s performance.

    This also means that apart from calling the best plumbers like Eastside Plumbing Services to help you out, you should inspect your heater from time to time. Ideally, the heater flame should be blue with yellow tips. But is it is not and appears to be more yellow-orange, it is a sign of incomplete burning. This, in turn, leads to the dangerous production of carbon monoxide apart from poor performance too. If you don’t call in your plumbers for repair, you would be putting your family at risk.

    What We Can Do for You
    Residential & Commercial Water Heaters

    • Inspect your water heater for damage or problems
    • Give you an estimate of the work that needs to be done and the expenses involved
    • Get the repair work done as fast as possible
    • Check for necessary installations
    • Level and secure the heater, while installing manufacturer-supplied safety hardware.
    • Test the heater, after repair
    • Offer instructions to the client so that they can operate they heater easily once repaired
    • Do repairs at the fastest possible time

    Same Day Water Heater Repair

    We offer same day service, seven days a week. If your water heater is leaking or isn’t heating your water well enough, call today.

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